Charlie Holloway


Do have a look around.

Hopefully you’ll find something useful or beautiful.

Wall Hanging Waxed Everyday Bag Wool Lined Utility Jacket (One-Off) Cycling Caps


Infrequently but enjoyably played with, metalwork offers itself as a different medium to get the wobbly treatment. Often providing the unexpected, it sits nicely with the more natural appearance of worn items. Working with textile creates a various range of items made for various use, of varying form. Often objects either serve either a decorative or functional purpose, but occasionally both.


Vessels and bowls are greatly appealing to make; a single process that forms a finished object is hugely enjoyable, not least for the maker as a quiet, linear experience.

I find that turned objects have an immediate impression people, providing a surface with which people become more aware of the use of their body. Wood requires more care that durable earthenware, but I understand that the desire to be careful comes from a using something that feels oddly familiar and perhaps special.

There are many bowls and I’d like to emphasise that they are truly of no more importance than that of which one places on them. They’re nice things regardless.


Rarely do I make pieces without need, furniture is often much nicer as a commissioned piece for it will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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